Climate Change Series 


Melted Tvek and acrylic ink, watercolor on yupo, sharpie on acetate and vellum

This series is a work in progress.


The work told me it needed to grow, so  I am working on transforming these materials into an installation. My goal is to use my drawing below as inspiration to create a large scale immersive installation. I am using acrylic ink and Tyvek. Many of the images you see are details and sketches.



Water has the power to give life and take life away.

This work is about the destruction of coral reefs and how tsunamis and rising ocean levels are changing our coastlines and landscapes. Embedded in the drawing are beans, seeds, cells, and embyos- the building blocks of life.

Materiality is significant. Tyvek is a material that people wear when cleaning up environmental disasters and the ocean is becoming full of plastics.


Here the materials are used to create interesting cellular, coral shapes, marrying the idea of body and landscape and life and death.

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