Endometrial Hyperplasia Series


12" x 12" x 2"  Casein and Graphite on Birchwood, based on microscopic images of my endometrial cells. There are currently 10 paintings in this series. 

In 2016, I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia (precancerous uterine cells) and photographed my uterine cells under a microscope. This series is a cellular self-portrait. I am re-presenting my body through the drawing and painting of my uterine cells. 

The pieces are modular and connect as if you are looking at each one separately under a microscope. I am currently expanding this series to fill a very large wall.

I transformed these cellular forms into landscapes as seen from an aerial view, which speaks to the symbiotic relationship humans have with the earth.

Materiality is also significant in this work as Casein is found in dairy products. According to the China Study, it has been known to turn on and off cancer genes. Cows produce casein. Cattle farming and fires have lead to devastating deforestation in the Amazon region and it is tragic because forests are the lungs of the planet.  I use birchwood because it is a sustainable wood. Graphite is made from carbon. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it.  

I have been on a whole food plant-based diet since 2017 in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint and vastly improve my health. Since switching to the lifestyle, the precancerous cells are now gone.

Gallery view- Crane Arts "New Now"

My daughter and I at the opening on New Now at the InLiquid Gallery at Crane Arts. She was ready to go!