Time Capsule Series



4' x 4', maps, microscopic images of my cells, shellac, acrylic, shellac, oil.

"[Kristin] Osgood Lamelas melds human life with the life of the planet by the literal overlaying of visual information, and by the pairing of the micro- scopic with the macroscopic. For her large painting on wood, la boda (which means wedding in Spanish), the artist first took samples of saliva from herself and her husband, mixed them together, and photographed the cells under a microscope. She then painted images of these cells over a map of southern new Jersey, the geographical location where their marriage took place. the result is a mystical blending of form, space and time."


- Virginia Maczymowicz

Connections Catalog


Artist Statement

My work engages the dichotomies of figure and landscape. Through a process of layering, it encapsulates specific moments in time, drawing attention to our symbiotic relationship with nature. 


The intuitive, spontaneous gestures used in making the work provide evidence of the body physically in the final piece. Geometric grids are layered on organic shapes, demonstrating how chaos exists within order and order within chaos. 


Aerial views of the earth demonstrate the way it has been carved by man, like scars on the body. I use maps of specific locations and cells from my own body as a reference. The sense of looking simultaneously at both a microcosm and a macrocosm is created, encouraging the viewer to be enveloped and providing them the opportunity to investigate a natural topography created within the materials. 


Ultimately, these works celebrate the beauty and preciousness of life. 

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